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Designing Human Rocket Fuel for the Mitochondria

•, By Dr. Mark Sircus

Mitochondria in decline force the cells into survival mode, switching to emergency energy production. When the mitochondria become unable to adequately perform their functions, cells either die or undergo malignant transformation. Thus, it is no surprise that evidence exists showing that normalizing mitochondrial function is capable of suppressing tumorigenesis.

There is no doubt that in cancer the ability of cellular mitochondria to function normally becomes impaired, even in the presence of sufficient oxygen. In cancer, the cells abandons normal mitochondria production of ATP and turn to fermentation.

Mitochondria are continually confronted with factors that can jeopardize how well they function. These factors include: hypoxic (low oxygen conditions), chronic stress and deep emotional shock, chronic sleep disturbances, hyperglycemia, pharmaceutical  drugs and antibiotics, organic pollutants like pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals like mercury and other environmental toxins. These factors all cause mitochondrial dysfunction.

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