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Vitiligo sufferer, 25, whose face and entire body was covered by light patches claims...


Jamila Davis, 25, from Florida, was diagnosed with the skin condition, caused by a lack of melanin a pigment of the skin - when she was eight. 

The patches slowly spread across her whole body, meaning strangers would often stare at her because of her unique appearance. 

Miss Davis decided to go vegan after her father died from a stroke in 2017, after the pair had plans to go plant-based together.  

A year into her meat-free diet, the college student was stunned to see her colour returning on parts of her body. Now, her original colour has fully returned on most of her face.

Scientists have yet to prove any diet will treat vitiligo, while experts also say there are none which will make the condition worse either.  

Miss Davis claims she does not use any other standard treatments for her condition and hasn't seen a dermatologist since she went vegan.

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