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Electric Boogaloo!


Mein fuhrer! I haf a plan!

Well, I have an electric car . . . VW just sent me the new eGolf to test drive and report on. I will do so serially, with the first outing today.

My plan is to hazard a drive "down the mountain" – as we locals say – and into town (Roanoke) which is about 35 miles from my abode, one way. And another 35 back way. So, about 70 miles – including back up the mountain, a climb of roughly 2,000 ft to get to my elevation from the valley below. 

The electric Golf – no gas engine back-up – is all charged up. Indicated 137 miles range. What will its actual range prove to be?

Stay tuned – I will report on this shortly. Assuming, of course, I make it back home!

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