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Salt, Water, and Carb MYTHS Busted


(Natural News) Kudos to the foodies who produce informative YouTube videos about healthy and unhealthy eating habits, especially when it comes to salt intake, drinking plenty of water, and managing those "horrible" carbohydrates, but there's one thing you guys and gals all seem to have in common: You forget to differentiate.

What kind of salt are you talking about when you speak of high blood pressure? Are you talking about that crappy, nutrient-void, irradiated white table salt you get at every restaurant in the U.S.A., or are you talking about organic and pure, mineral-loaded sea salt, like Celtic and Pink Himalayan?

What kind of water are you talking about when you speak of cell repair? Are you speaking about that cancerous, fluoridated, chlorinated, medicated, pesticide-laden kind that comes out of the tap? Are you talking about bottled water that usually contains plastic chemicals (think BPA), microplastics, and added fluoride, or are you talking about real spring water and water that's run through a high-powered filtration system like a Big Berkey?

What kind of "carbs" (carbohydrates) are you talking about when you do your podcasts? Are you referring to that processed, bleached, refined and sugar-laden kind, or do you mean natural, organic, unadulterated carbs that are very important to our metabolism and our body's thermogenesis? Is it only about energy, or is there more to the research? Let's take a look.

Which is it – are you in to low carbs, no carbs or the RIGHT carbs?

Are you one of those carb haters? Do you think all carbs cause diabetes and make you fat? You must still be buying into those Reader's Digest myths. Join Mic the Vegan here, and let's take a level-headed look at the inaccurate claims and myths surrounding the dichotomy of "carbs." Ever heard of the Traditional Okinawan Diet? We're not talking about "SAD" carbs here (Standard American Diet).

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