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REALLY, California? The "Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act"?


Liberal desperation at its finest is making the rounds in the California legislature. Senate Bill 27 is not content with the existing law which "establishes processes for printing on presidential primary ballots the names of candidates for the President of the United States who are considered to be generally recognized candidates or who are selected by a sufficient number of registered voters." See, the problem is, they want Trump to release his taxes so they will try to force him to by making it a law.

It's actually adorable when liberals and democratic lawmakers think they are pulling the wool over our eyes. Trump's tax returns have been at the epicenter of a battle with Congress for years. The business mogul has claimed that he cannot release them because they are under audit. Now California thinks if they pass a law saying no one can run for President of the United States without releasing their tax returns, Trump will not run, and voila; problem solved. No more President Trump.