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Bored Cop Plays Russian Roulette in Patrol Car, Shoots Into Traffic--NOT FIRED


Philadelphia, TN — Over the years, the Free Thought Project has reported on utterly asinine situations in which cops senselessly or accidentally fired their weapons in public places. Some of these places were schools, airports, day cares, and other various establishments in scenarios in which guns should never be fired. We now have a new location and scenario to add to the list — a patrol car, while playing Russian Roulette, in traffic. Despite endangering the lives of his partner and everyone on the road that day, the officer who shot through his patrol car's window while playing a deadly game, was never fired.

Claiborne County sheriff's deputy Noah Arnwine is probably not the smartest cop on the force. Backing up this claim is the fact that on November 2, 2018, while riding in the passenger seat of a county cruiser, Arnwine pulled out a loaded .38-caliber Ruger emptied all but one chamber, pointed the gun at the windshield and pulled the trigger "as if he was playing Russian roulette," according to his partner.

His partner, Deputy Cody Lankford was so distraught by the deadly idiocy of Arnwine that he actually called his supervisor to report the incident. This is what good cops do. However, despite firing a pistol into traffic and endangering the lives of countless drivers, Arnwine kept his job. When listening to Lankford's description of the incident, the idea of Arnwine keeping his job is insane.

"It was just so crazy, I'm still in awe over it," Deputy Lankford, who was driving at the time, says on a recording obtained by Knox News. "I slowed down and started watching to see if anybody started flipping end-over-end because they got the back of their head blown off. … I hate that he's probably going to lose his job, but he needs a job where he doesn't get to handle a gun every day."

"Between the muzzle flash and being temporarily deafened, it took me a second to think of what exactly to do," he said, speaking to his supervisor. "(You) may need to call hospitals around Philadelphia, Tennessee, and make sure no one showed up with an unexplained bullet wound."

But Arnwine never did lose his job. Instead the department swept it under the rug.