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Doxxing Trump Donors Is Just The Beginning

•, by Bradley Smith

Laws mandating disclosure of campaign contributions were originally intended to ensure that the contributions were on the up and up, but they have been turned upside down in today's take-no-prisoners political climate. Politicians now use disclosure to monitor and police the views of American citizens, calling into question the wisdom of allowing government to surveil so much of our political activity.

"I think you're a scumbag and I f***ing despise everything you stand for," said one caller who spammed the voicemail of a Trump donor named in Castro's tweet.

"That's why I'm calling you and filling up your voicemail with a bunch of bullsh*t. So, enjoy that. I will make sure to post this number and extension all over the Internet."

This type of harassment appears to be what Castro hoped for and intended - it is hard to see why else he would have tweeted as he did.

Federal law requires the name, address, occupation, and employer of anyone who gives over $200 to a federal candidate to be published in a government database. The threshold hasn't been adjusted, even for inflation, in over 40 years. At that level, the law doesn't just capture big donors — it captures ordinary Americans, too. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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The basic thing this kind of talk does, is take the focus off the way illegals can succeed. This is to demand a court trial, and require their accuser come forward with the harm or damage that they did. If they hurt someone, the will be punished. If they harmed nobody, they are free men and women. If they file their claim that they harmed nobody right into their court case against them, demanding to face their accuser, since their accuser is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, their accuser will never take the oath and get on the stand. Done right, they can win.

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