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New gun laws would hurt "poor blacks who live in high crime neighborhoods" the most



and "The Bias Against Guns," seems to stand almost alone, these days, in offering calm, evidence-based rebuttals to the artificially driven panic for even more counterproductive, unconstitutional "gun control" (always promoted as "common-sense", of course . . . while based on provable lies, without mentioning what a total failure their previous 20,000 "common-sense gun control" laws have been.)


Our friend Dr. Lott recently sent me an update on what he's been up to, which of course includes a request for donations, down at the bottom. Here are some excerpts. I have no financial interest in his operation, I have neither requested nor will I receive any "cut." Provided for the information of those who may wonder if ANYONE remains a calm voice for liberty and the right to self-defense:

John writes: Dear Vin —

Things look pretty bad. I have never seen the Senate and House so likely to pass some terrible gun control laws.

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