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No, American families are not living in 'fear and terror'


— half of which criminals were promptly released "for humanitarian reasons" — mostly meaning they'd left under-aged children at home unattended (Gosh, those ICE agents are sure heartless!)

Radical Democrat presidential wanna-be Kamala Harris, the millionaire pot-smoker who slept her way into her previous job putting thousands of Californians in jail for smoking pot ( ), promptly declared "These ICE raids are designed to tear families apart, spread fear, and terrorize communities."

So Mrs. Harris (or is it Mrs. Emhoff?), whose former job was in LAW ENFORCEMENT, not only admits this nation now harbors entire "COMMUNITIES" of illegal aliens, who believe that with her help they can stay here forever with impunity, but also joins with the treasonous Castro Brothers of "La Raza" in complaining that the laws should not be enforced, because enforcing the laws causes law-breakers some inconvenience and causes them to live "in fear" that they may be caught. Wow.

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