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Trump's Secret Plan to Save America Economically and Militarily

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Trump's Plan to Save America Economically and Militarily

President Trump has secretly been trying to purchase Greenland for a reported $70 billion. Greenland, only a territory of 56,000 people, owned by Denmark, is mineral rich and would serve as a buffer to Russia's economic and military designs on the North Pcritole which threatens America.

One of my trusted sources tells me that Denmark does not want to part with Denmark. But President Trump has been convincing, by using NATO military protection as a level to bring the Danes to the table. The deal was in progress when Trump, once again, was betrayed by his own staff and leaked the details to the MSM. Since that time, NBC and MSNBC have been characterizing the deal as lunacy and perhaps the 25th Amendment should be invoked and remove Trump from office for mental illness.

This move by the participating Democrats and the MSM in going after Trump on this matter, speaks clearly that these two entities are partners in the purposeful demise of this country that was put into motion by the most treasonous President in history, Obama.

The following paragraphs will describe what is at stake.

The North Pole

For a decade, the Russians have been preparing to win World War III, while America continues to dismantle her military power. The decline of American military power has stabilized under Trump, but Obama did irreversible damage.  

The question that many are asking is where will the next great war to end all wars take place? Many speculate that it will take place in either Iran, Venezuela, Syria or Ukraine. However, mounting evidence would suggest elsewhere. Please consider the following quote from one of my military sources. 

Seven years ago, one of my most trusted sources has informed me that the United States has secretly brokered a deal with Canada and Norway to militarize the North Pole as a proxy military force. This deal is almost a decade old and there has never really been a peep in the MSM about it. The two nations would provide some of the manpower and forward bases of operations while the U.S. provides the weaponry and funding. I have said it before and I am saying it again, it looks more and more like World War III will have its beginnings in the North Pole where it is likely that we will see the first direct face-off of NATO forces and the Russian Federation".


The  History

Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which was finalized in 1982, countries can lay claim to the ocean floor well beyond their borders so long as they can provide convincing scientific evidence to prove that a particular seabed is an extension of their continental shelf. Already, countries have sovereign rights to resources within 200 nautical miles of their territorial waterways. For a country to determine whether they have economic sovereignty beyond that distance, the UN agreement requires comprehensive mapping that establishes some sort of geologic justification for the claim. And where the Arctic is concerned, Canada, the US, Norway, Russia, and Denmark have been amassing scientific evidence for more than a decade in an effort to increase their piece of this resource-rich pie.

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