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This Could Trigger Civil War In America! The 'Party Of Death And Destruction's' Hatred O

•, By Don Boys, Ph.D.

The Reverend Not-so-Sharpton stood with his hands extended high and wide saying, "I hate white people this much." But Sharpton is not considered a hater. He was much sought after by 12 of the Democrat presidential candidates who made the pilgrimage to his humble abode to kiss his ring.

When it was time to renew his television show, his credentials were examined (but the ratings were ignored) and yes, he was qualified because he is still black. That seems to be the reason Al is a television star. Al is paid $500,000 annually by MSNBC for his television work and he pays himself over $200,000 from his civil rights non-profit organization.

You might think that a television star with a net worth of up to $5 million and annual income of over $700,000 could pay his bills but Al still owes $4.5 million in state and federal taxes and he often forgets "to pay travel agencies, hotels, and landlords," according to the records. In 2015, Al paid almost $2 million on his back taxes.

In 2004, Al bought himself a Rolls Royce Phantom for his 50th birthday. That is the most expensive production car in the world, with a base price of $475,000. 

That is one Baptist who was not held under water long enough!

Just kidding, but he is not my kind of Baptist.


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