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Underestimating Life Expectancy Improvements on Insurance Policies

•, by Brian Wang

All of the insurance companies that sold long-term care insurance have larger than previously expected expenses because decades ago they failed to anticipate the increase in life expectancy from 75 years to the over 80 years for many people.

The previous gains to longevity also tended to increase the number of years where someone was sick.

We could be on the verge of another demographic surprise where antiaging provides larger gains to lifespan. The new increases in longevity could come with vastly longer healthspan. We should stay healthier far longer. The period of time that we will be sick will be difficult to predict.

For at least the next, ten to fifteen years, people who want to apply lifestyle and medicine to apply the latest research in antiaging it will mostly be do-it-yourself. People will have to seek out open-minded doctors if they need certain prescriptions. There will also be options in terms of overseas pharmacies and clinics. Clearly, these options can have some more risks than working within the medical system. However, people have already used these alternative options for lower cost access to drugs like Viagra and Cialis.

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