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How AI is Changing Influencer Marketing

• by Tal Melenboim

Social media influencers have been active for several years on networks like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, etc. Influencer marketing seems like a recent invention because of the sudden growth on Instagram. Anyone can become an influencer on this network.

Influencer marketing has always been here and is constantly evolving.

The next evolution that is taking over influencer marketing and changing it is AI. Here's how AI is affecting influencer marketing and how you can embrace this change to get the most out of it.

AI is making it easier to create viral posts:

Analytics are an important part of influencer marketing. If you know how to study your analytics you will be able to better predict what types of posts your influencers post will fare better. To gain these insights people had to earlier rely on analytical reports released by top marketing firms and the basic analytics provided by the social networks themselves.