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Comey's "Walk" Exposes the Deep State Cartel Running America -THE RULE OF LAW IS DEAD!

•, by Dave Hodges

You and your family mean nothing to these people. If we continue to let them break laws without consequences, you and your family will soon be in the crossfire. When Comey was "pardoned" by Barr, and Trump did nothing, it was a clear message that nobody is safe and we are no longer a nation of laws. We are a criminal cabal.  

Not only did Comey violate national security laws and commit malfeasance of office in his role as FBI Director, he is a career criminal who was only appointed to his position as FBI Director because he covered up the Clinton Foundations money laundering schemes, which used innocent Americans social security numbers and stolen identification to facilitate this criminal enterprise on behalf of the cartels, the Hillary and HSBC Bank's part in this. I previously interviewed John Cruz, the former HSBC Bank Senior Vice-President several times on the CSS radio show. He identified Comey as a person who served on the Board of Directors for HSBC Bank and he ran cover for the Clinton's as they ran cover for this criminal enterprise.