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Bulls & Bears Enter The Thunderdome

•, Tyler Durden

Both have 5 known developments to contend with inside the dome: The Fed, the ECB, the China trade deal, earnings and Brexit, all of which can and will throw curveballs as neither bull nor bear can be certain how either of these developments unfold nor what the reactions to them may be.

It's a time of extreme uncertainty and before you accuse me of saying markets can either go or up or down I will come straight out and say markets can go either up or down, it really depends on how these developments shake out. I'm not a fortune teller, I'm a realist and I analyze technical structures in context of a complex macro picture.

And so everyone is clear: Charts are always evolving and markets are a journey, some don't seem to grasp that concept. Markets are always shifting and our job is to evaluate risk and reward as charts evolve, especially in a time of great uncertainty.