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Another Conspiracy Confirmed: How the Plunge Protection Team Rigs the Markets

• James Corbett - The Corbett Report

We are routinely told that it shows us the resilience of consumers, for example, or that it can predict the next economic cataclysm or that we can pore over it like an X-ray to reveal the true health of the economy.

And as I also pointed out in that video (and much of my other work over the past several years), this perception of the market is a bunch of hooey. As we all know (or should know by now) this central bank created phony baloney reality inversion bubble that the markets are "revealing" to us is just that: A bubble. More precisely, it's a bubble that has been 93% filled with hopium and paper promises from the Federal Reserve.

But what if I were to tell you that there was yet another mechanism by which the markets are manipulated? A mechanism wielded by a cabal of four men? One that is admittedly and on the record empowered by the POTUS to prop up the markets whenever they start flagging?

Does that sound like "conspiracy theory?" Well, it's not. Just another humdrum conspiracy fact. This cabal of four is known colloquially as the "Plunge Protection Team" and it's been on the books since 1988.

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