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AB vs CD: The System Isn't Broken...The System is FIXED!

• Dan Dicks - Press For Truth

The third and final day of AB vs CD has come to an end at the appeals court of BC and on the surface it appears to not be looking good for the father (CD) who wants his daughter (AB) to have more time to mature before continuing hormone treatments, however not all hope is lost…it appears that the judges have decided to allow for the continuance of cross hormone therapy for the child, because her consent as a mature minor was valid under the pre-existing Bowden ruling, or in other words, the judges are allowing the Bowden ruling to remain in place until they make their ruling. The good news is It's quite possible that the Appeal Court could very likely overturn this once they render their decision! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Angelina Ireland of The People's Party of Canada about the ruling by the judges, the core of the issue and most importantly what you can do about it to help!

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