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Question Authority AND Obedience Redux By Bill Buppert

• by Bill Buppert

According to CNN's Climate Town Hall, the way to stop climate change is to BAN items like hamburgers, airline travel, coal fired plants, fracking, certain light bulbs, cars, plastic bags, nuclear power plants and plastic straws while pushing for more infanticide in third world countries, increases in the minimum wage and jailing energy executives. I think LSD may have made them sound more sober and not like a bunch of Stalinist hacks in a decaying faculty lounge in East Berlin in 1986. Comrade Bernie also maintains his existential bloodlust to murder babies of color and wants to export the pogrom planet-wide. No response from the unborn yet.

And remember: "NRA DOESN'T SELL ARMS, PLANNED PARENTHOOD SELLS ARMS…" [h/t to Scott at the DiploMad2.0]

Here are four questions we knew wouldn't be asked of the reanimated corpses running for the premiership of the CPUSA.