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11 everyday products that relieve pain with far-infrared therapy


What if you could get all the benefits of heat therapy, but without the heat? That's the idea behind far-infrared (FIR) radiation therapy, which uses far-infrared light to penetrate deeper into our skin than heat can

FIR light isn't visible to the human eye, but we feel it as a radiant warmth (don't get it confused with red light therapy, which is visible to the human eye). FIR therapy has been around for ages, especially in medical settings, to help soothe achy muscles and joints but it's recently picked up steam in the realm of fitness and athletics, due in part to Tom Brady's sleepwear line with Under Armour

If you're interested in trying out this high-tech recovery technique for yourself, you've got plenty of options -- here are 11. 

Sleep has always been -- and will always be -- the best way for humans to recover from exercise and daily life stressors, no matter how many high-tech recovery products exist. Some brands started capitalizing on that fact, creating bioceramic pajamas that emit far-infrared light into your body as you sleep for even more healing. 

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