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10 Tax Tools to Help Crypto Owners


While tax laws on cryptocurrency vary by jurisdiction, there are many useful tools to help you calculate crypto taxes, lower your tax liabilities, and simplify your filing — no matter where you are. Many of them work globally, supporting tax forms of multiple countries, and can import data directly from all major crypto exchanges.

Crypto Tax Tools

Tax laws and filing obligations may vary from country-to-country, state-to-state, and even city-to-city, but there are many tools that work worldwide to help you. In preparing to file your taxes, you would first need to have good records of all your crypto dealings to determine the types of taxes you owe and how much. The tax tools below can help you keep records of your crypto transactions, calculate your tax liabilities, minimize taxes owed, and prepare your filing. They are especially useful for those frequently trading many cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges.

Beartax is a cryptocurrency tax service with audit support. You can consolidate trades across over 40 exchanges and calculate capital gains. The platform is tailored to individuals, CPAs, and enterprise-level accounting firms.

Bittax is a tax filing platform which offers up to 3 calculation methods to optimize your tax results. You can import your wallet addresses and exchange data to calculate your taxes.

Blox offers cryptocurrency accounting, tracking and management tools, aimed at clients such as crypto businesses, asset managers, mining operations, crypto funds, and VCs. It also offers specific tools for mining operations.

Cointracker is a cryptocurrency wallet tracker and tax calculator that provides full tax reports for four countries and capital gain reports for all countries.