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What's Happening to our Peaceful World?

• By Karen Kwiatkowski

Endless war and tales of imminent destruction by a legion of enemies may no longer be a good look for Israel.  More importantly, Bibi started to lose Sheldon Adelson a few years ago, and now it's worse.

Trump faces unusual challenges in the 2020 re-election campaign he's spending a billion dollars to win.  The GOP leadership is as fragmented about Trump populism as they were in 2016.  Promises have been kept by the Trump administration, but the shiny best-sellers – the Wall, an America First non-interventionist foreign policy, and a strong economy – are looking a little fusty.  There will be pictures of a wall, and neocons have been removed from the NSC and at State but not Pompeo yet – although as a comic foil for a reasonable President you can't do better!  The economy needs actual free trade, we the people need a lot smaller government, and both need some End the Fed action.  An actual major withdrawal of troops from the Middle East is going to be a big part of Trump's 2020 campaign, and his aggressiveness in this area has given the deep state cause for concern.