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Could Electric Car Push By GM Mean Less UAW Jobs, Lower Pay?

• By Steven Loveday

Some ~50,000 union workers are now on strike against GM. A recent article on AP asserts that these workers' jobs may be further at stake if the automaker makes the switch to electric vehicles.

The article points out that thousands responsible for engines and transmissions could be without work in the future as the automotive industry progresses toward electrification efforts.

However, interestingly, the article only suggests that United Auto Worker (UAW) jobs will be "in trouble." Even more compelling is the fact that earlier we reported that the UAW was pushing GM to reopen shuttered facilities (above). GM's solution was to put workers back to work producing electric trucks and EV batteries.

This is much like the charter school argument. While we at InsideEVs don't necessarily support charter schools, we're aware of one fact. If teachers lose their jobs due to public schools closing, there will be plenty of job openings at charter or private schools.