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SpaceX Starship Will Be Fully Operational Tomorrow

• by Brian Wang

This is time for Elon Musk to make a presentation on Starship tomorrow.

NOTE: There is some plumbing, wiring and other work that still needs to be done. I just could not resist the Star Wars quote reference. Also, the second Death Star was also highly incomplete when the Emperor made the statement. Elon will be presenting in a few hours.


The summary of Elon Musk's presentation is here.

The point of the presentation is to inspire the public and get people excited about space and the future.

Do we want to choose the future where we are on many world and exploring the stars? The critical breakthrough is to make space travel like air travel. We fly the airplane many time. We flew 747s about 30,000 to 100,000 times over its life. We fly them for decades and fly them pretty much every day.

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Comment by Ed Price
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SpaceX will barely be able to go to Mars in any short time. It will work to do all kinds of space travel within the orbit of Mars, and possibly inside the asteroid belt. But it is extremely limited in what it can do, and in the time that it takes to do it. Probably what SpaceX will really be used for is to haul materials to build the old Orion Project that was started in the 1950s, and shut down in the 1960s. This Project can take us to the stars, but will at least take us to the edges of the solar system in less than a decade. Freedom's Phoenix has reported on this in the past. Here's a main link - Here's a search link - Here's the Youtube link -