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Democrats have "come out of the closet," cheering to disarm the public

•, by JPFO

No democrat has spoken out against the bold, explicit demand to confiscate guns. They stand in favor of it, with silent approval and lack of complaint. This is what they plan if they gain power, no more mincing words. They show no fear of armed revolt.

This is no false alarm or hype. A significant portion of our own political establishment is calling for disarmament of our own citizenry, while remaining heavily armed itself. Seeking to incrementally or completely disarm the public is tyranny—the very acts that led to revolt against the British Empire. The bill Democrats want (H.R.1296) seeks to ban guns with grips—it is called but isn't some sort of "assault-weapon" act. Democrats are deceiving you—and the media—which hasn't read the bill.

Politicians and their minions who press ahead with this agenda are encouraging a deadly response they should never want to face. Those people should be removed from office or candidacy by legal means before matters get worse, while time remains. Gun confiscation is a bright red line. H.R.1296 bans guns with grips, not "assault" something. Assault is an illegal behavior, not a gun type.