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'You're a bad police officer and you don't deserve to be here'...

•, By Chauncey Alcorn

Broward County Sheriff Deputy Joshua Gallardo was set to receive public praise and an accolade on Wednesday during a commission meeting in the South Florida city of Tamarac. 

Officials were giving Gallardo the city's Deputy of the Month award for his arrest of a gang member wanted for murder earlier this year.

But instead of bathing in a shower of compliments, Gallardo was forced to endure a tongue lashing from Tamarac City Commissioner E. Mike Gelin.

'Joshua Gallardo can you come down for a second?' Gelin said, beckoning Gillardo to the  commission chamber floor.

'It's good to see you again. You probably don't remember me,' he continued. 'You're the police officer who falsely arrested me four years ago.'

'You lied on the police report,' Gelin added as Gillardo smiles awkwardly and shakes his head up and down. ' I believe you are a rogue police officer. You're a bad police officer and you don't deserve to be here,' Gelin concluded.

Public records obtained by WFOR-TV indicate Gallardo did arrest Gelin for resisting arrest without violence in 2015. Gillardo was investigating a battery case at the time.