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The Conspiracies are Broad and Deep

•, By Doug Uncola Lynn

In past articles, such as "Breakfast Club: Dining with Friends", and "The Persistence of Their Delusion is Despicable", and "The Rants of the Libtards Ring Hollow then Echo", I've written about my conversations with friends who are politically liberal; or, at least, more liberal than I.  This past weekend, another such conversation began during breakfast with a snide remark about the "deep state impeaching Trump".  Of course, my democratic and Republican in Name Only (RINO) friends don't believe in the deep state. But they do believe everything written in The New York Times and The Washington Post and that yours truly is an extreme right-wing, tinfoil-hat adorned, conspiracy theorist.

As I passionately decimated their arguments, they kept saying "let me speak…, let me speak" right up to the point a thirty-something young lady dining at an adjacent table with her husband and young children jumped to my defense and yelled at my friends:  "You are the ones who keep interrupting HIM!"