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Trump Again Threatens To "Wipe Out" Turkey's Economy As Full Ground Invasion Begins

•, by Tyler Durden

Turkish armored vehicles and tanks were seen crossing into Syria alongside Turkish-backed Syrian 'rebel' forces, advancing into towns just south of the border frontier area. 

And following this in a late afternoon White House press briefing Trump issued a statement reiterating he's prepared to "wipe out" Turkey's economy if America's Kurdish partners are hurt, after earlier in the day calling the operation "a bad idea".

The president told reporters Turkey will pay a "big economic price" if the Syria operation done is done "unfairly". Reuters reports of the new statements:

Asked by a reporter if he was concerned Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will wipe out the Kurds, Trump replied: "I will wipe out his economy if that happens."

The president also for the first time indicated he's ready to support Sen. Lindsey Graham's call for economic sanctions on Turkey, adding he would support something "tougher" than sanctions should Erdogan not abide by all prior commitments.