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Donald Trump Presents: 'Plotting Lovebirds' And The Search For 'Loser' Hunter Biden


President Trump delivered a fiery performance in Minnesota Thursday night, where he pulled few punches laying into his political opponents. After a brief warmup, Trump kicked things off by reminding the crowd he's still the outsider in DC - who's now being attacked with a "phony" Democrat narrative which has formed the basis of a House impeachment inquiry.

"Our bold pursuit of this pro-America agenda has enraged the failed ruling class in Washington," said Trump, adding "not easy to get 'em out but we're doing it slowly but surely."

"These corrupt politicians and the radical leftists got rich bleeding America dry, and they knew that my election would finally end their pillaging and looting of our country. And that's what they were doing. And that's what they continue to try and do."

Trump then proclaimed "from day one, the wretched Washington swamp has been trying to nullify the results of a truly great and democratic election - the election of 2016. They're trying, but they're not getting very far. They want to erase your vote like it never existed. They want to erase your voice. And they want to erase your future." 

Trump then did a dramatic recreation of FBI 'lovebirds' Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussing how they were going to bring Trump down.