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LASIK Surgery: Permanent Vision Correction as a Prep

• by Daisy Luther

The modern world has provided us with lots of easy solutions: glasses and contact lenses are readily available.  Personally, I have required vision correction since I was 7 years old. I can barely remember a time when reaching for my glasses was not the first thing I did each morning.

But what if you were at a hotel and smoke alarms were ringing and your glasses had slipped off the nightstand? How would you make your way out? What if someone broke into your home and you couldn't grab your glasses? Would you feel confident firing a gun or would you be worried it might be a family member because you just can't see clearly?

And then there's the SHTF.

In a disaster scenario, bad vision could be an incredibly dangerous handicap. What if something happened to your glasses? What if you lost a contact lens or had no solution to rinse them? Would you be able to function without vision correction?  Have you ever stopped to consider how impaired you'd be? Could you shoot, evade, hunt, or defend yourself? How would you ever replace these items?