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McAfee Launches Decentralized EX, Bitcoin Cash Surpassed ETH in a key metric...

• - Official Channel has been announced, bringing global lotteries to the Blockchain has partnered with Canadian gaming giant Bravio Technologies to develop a variety of games and anonymous Bitcoin Cash lotteries. Bravio will also give Bitcoin Cash users access to traditional lotteries.

PayPal leaves the LIBRA Association Libra is a digital currency project initially proposed by Facebook, but which is supposed to be run by a consortium of some of the most significant names in the technology and payment industries

Bitcoin Cash currently outpacing ETH in value moved per day The amount of money moved per day metric has been consistently higher for Bitcoin Cash than Ethereum for several weeks now, putting BCH in the number 2 spot, second only to Bitcoin Core, BTC

The Bitcoin Cash network upgrade will add useful features to the electronic cash system On Nov. 15th, the Bitcoin Cash network will undergo one of its semi-annual updates. Two new features being added in this upgrade are Schnorr signature support for the OP_Checkmultisig OP Code, & enforcing the "Minimaldata" rule in Bitcoin Cash's scripting language.