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Bitcoin Will Free The World "From The Mercy Of Dictators", Billionaire VC Tim Draper

•, by Tim Draper

As a result, they build extraordinarily tight bonds with each other. Most of them overcome biases that they may have held before entering the school.

One particularly powerful and illustrative moment of this took place in the spring of 2019.

I was starting to give my 20th Draper University graduation speech, when I noticed that about 10 Arab students were missing. I asked where they were, and a fellow student said that they were out praying.

I said, "Go get them. We will all pray." So, the praying Arab students were rounded up, and proceeded to lead the class of about 80 students in a Muslim prayer.

Then I asked, "Would anyone else like to lead a prayer," and the magic began. Doron Segev, our one Israeli female student said, "I will lead a Jewish prayer." We all followed along with her.

Then I said, "Anyone else?" And three Indians got up and led us in a Hindu prayer.

Finally, two Catholics led us in a Catholic prayer.

It was such a strong emotional event, I got chills. The spirits were loving this.

"Only at Draper University," I claimed, but deep down, I hoped that this was the beginning of a series of magical moments that might open the hearts of the people of the world. If it could happen here, maybe it could start to spread. The various religions, the various people, and the various countries could find a spiritual love for each other, we might all start to understand each other better, and barriers, whether they be religious, geographic, or political, would start to fall.

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