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CNN Cowardly Gives Biden Complete Pass on Ukraine Involvement During Dem Debate

• Dan Bongino - Bongino.Com

Interestingly enough, Hunter Biden broke his silence on "Good Morning America" which aired yesterday morning, hours before his father's presidential debate. Certainly that, along with the fact that it was the first presidential debate since the Ukraine debacle centered around the Bidens meant we could look forward to Joe answering some tough questions.

Except, that was not at all the case. Pathetically, Cooper was almost apologetic that he even had to ask the former vice president a question about the most public issue facing the nation. Cooper began, "The impeachment inquiry is centered on President Trump's attempts to get political dirt from Ukraine on Vice President Biden and his son Hunter." Where is the question? He then goes on; "Mr. Vice President, President Trump has falsely accused your son of doing something wrong while serving on a company board in Ukraine. I want to point out there is no evidence of wrongdoing by either one of you."

Still no question. Just Trump bashing and defending Biden. "Having said that, on Sunday, you announced that if you're president no one in your family or associated with you will be involved with any foreign businesses" Cooper adds. Finally, a question: "If it's not ok for a president's family to be involved in foreign businesses, why was it ok for your son when you were Vice President?"

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