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South Africa Sitrep

• by The Saker

Around 2008, what is called Xenophobia, broke out. This has been repeated from time to time and to state it simply, the South African blacks kill everyone that they can get their hands on, that hail from anywhere in the rest of Africa. We now have the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and the South Africans seem to be sensitive to truck drivers and other workers from elsewhere in Africa. They are so 'sensitive' that they kill them in brutal zenophobic attacks. We don't call this racism which is a word reserved for dividing blacks and whites. No, of course these crimes are called by the correct word which is fear or hatred of that which is perceived to be foreign. I don't really see the difference and this is clearly racism but only using the fancy word.

During August/September a brutal wave of xenophobia broke out again. Instead of dwelling on the history of this issue, I'll just post a few of the milder photos and leave links at the end of this sitrep to an in-depth discussion on xenophobia. It truly is an interesting story.