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Trump The Choir Boy, Part 2: Nancy Pelosi's Feelings Were Hurt

• By Robert Wenzel

Trump tried to talk policy. He mentioned the letter that he sent to the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

But Pelosi was there to toss a stink bomb. She told the president that the House had just voted 354-60 in a favor of a resolution condemning his decision to pull troops from northern Syria.

Schumer gave the stink bomb extra lift. "The fact that someone no less than General Mattis has said that ISIS has been enhanced, that the danger of ISIS is so much greater, worries all of us," he told the president.

Trump hurled the stink bomb back at Pelosi and told her she was a third rate politician and a Communist sympathizer.

The Democratic trio then walked out in what appeared to have possibly been a planned revolt.

Outside the three were ready for the cameras.