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The usual topics — health care, taxes, the impeachment inquiry — dominated the discussion, but the CNN moderators also asked the candidates to weigh in on a controversial proposal gaining currency of late on the left to expand the Supreme Court. So-called court packing is normally a taboo in U.S. politics, and predictably the top contenders were reluctant to endorse it. David Faris, professor of political science at Roosevelt University and author of "It's Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics," believes that court packing is precisely the type of radical structural reform that Democrats and progressives need to pursue if they want a chance at defeating the right in years to come. He joins Mehdi Hasan to discuss what the left can do to overcome minority rule in Washington.

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Mehdi Hasan: Before we start the show today, I have a quick message for our listeners in Canada—Deconstructed is coming to the Hot Docs Podcast Festival in Toronto on Friday November the 8th at 6:30pm with a panel of amazing guests. Lots of other great podcasts will be putting on shows there that weekend, including Vox's Today, Explained and Jon Ronson's The Butterfly Effect.

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