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Reflections on Donald J. Trump

•, Patrick Byrne

I have publicly revealed that I did not vote for him. However, my attitude towards him and how it plays into recent actions I took are fair and legitimate questions. I will give the Bottom Line Up Front of my analysis:

BLUF: Nowhere does my copy of the Constitution say, "…unless Trump." There are a lot of people these days whose copies of the Constitution apparently do say, "… unless Trump." But mine does not. I promise, I checked. I went all through it and did not find the phrase "… unless Trump" anywhere in it. That's my full and thorough analysis of the moment. That is why I came forward.

While that is my analysis, there is still a legitimate question of what my attitude is towards Donald Trump. The main thing to know about my attitude towards President Trump is that it precisely 0 to do with my actions in recent months. That said, it is indeed a fair question, and one to which I will respond.