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Vicarious Courage on Syria

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

He also favored the war on Afghanistan. Today, like other Republicans and Democrats, he is criticizing President Trump for "betraying" the Kurds by relocating 50 U.S. troops who were serving as sacrificial tripwires to deter Turkey from attacking the Kurds.

The question I have for Boot, along with all other Republican and Democratic interventionists, is: Why don't you yourself go to Syria and help out the Kurds?

After all, it's easy to be brave, courageous, compassionate, and loyal to the Kurds when it's someone else who is doing the killing and dying. It's not as easy to display such traits when it's you, the interventionist, who is doing the killing and dying.

Now, I know what Boot would say. He'd say, "Jacob, I'm 50 years old. This is war. That's something for young people, not for people of my age. I need to stay here and write my commentaries explaining 'we' should help the Kurds."