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"Goodbye Asset Inflation" - Marc Faber Fears Funding Chaos Contagion From Repo Markets

•, Tyler Durden

Ferguson explained that:

"In every case, the pattern is the same. An academic deemed to be conservative gets 'called out.'

The Twitter mob piles on.

Mindless mainstream media outlets amplify the story.

The relevant authorities capitulate" and get rid of the academic...

A month rarely passes without some conservative academic being taken down."

The French philosopher and best-selling author, Alain Finkielkraut who is a member of the Academie Francaise, recently said that, far-left protests against him mean he "can no longer show my face" on the street.

The "threat to academic freedom" is at the same time an assault on "freedom of speech" and "expression," and therefore, should concern all of us.

Several experts have downplayed the recent chaotic behaviour but I take it far more seriously because it indicates to me that liquidity has become tight – at least for some market players.

Should a widespread liquidity crunch follow – "good bye asset inflation" and welcome "widespread asset deflation" as well as QE4.