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Bloodhound supersonic car w/ Rolls-Royce jet engine hits 334mph during warm-up for 1,000mph Land...

• Daily Mail

-Bloodhound continues tests, engineers expect to reach 500mph this week

-The jet engine powered car plans to pass current record of 763mph with a rocket

-Record holder RAF wing commander Andy Green (UK) hopes to break his record

A car with a jet engine built by Rolls-Royce, which is intended to shatter land speed records, has begun tests in the South African desert. 

The Bloodhound supersonic car reached a top speed of 334mph during tests this week.

Engineers plan to pass the current record of 763mph, which was set 22 years ago by British RAF wing commander Andy Green in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, driving the Thrust supersonic car.

Scroll down for video. 

Mr Green will also be driving the Bloodhound this time around and is hoping to beat his own record, promising an 'assault' on the benchmark in 2020. 

Powered by the engine of a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet, the team hopes Bloodhound will be able to reach faster speeds by inching up 50mph incrementally with each run. 

The EJ200 jet engine was partly developed by Rolls-Royce and the car will produce 135,000 thrust horsepower, equivalent to more than 150 Formula One cars.