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GrayZone's journalist Blumenthal arrested in Washington...

•, By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

The news was released a few hours ago, at 10.41 PM (GMT +4) now on the American Atlantic coast, by the same reporter on his Twitter account as he was denied the request to call a lawyer in the two days in which was detained in the central prison of the DC.

This happened following a raid that he described as SWAT style, the special intervention units with special US police weapons, on the morning of October 26th, in his home in Washington.

The federal government essentially enlisted the DC police as SWAT, making sure to be subjected to a morning raid and then languishing in prison for days without even the possibility of calling a lawyer, the journalist told, adding that the operation was justified. "With the invented accusation of aggression linked to its coverage of the siege of the Venezuelan embassy by opposition activists supported by the United States."