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Mother claims her autistic son's behaviour 'immediately improved' ...


A mother whose son began experiencing developmental issues from the age of two has told how a food intolerance test was able to improve his behaviour.

Sarah Veldkamp, 35, from Wisconsin, recalled  how her son Harrison Veldkampge began suffering with fatigue that threatened to disrupt his progress at school from a young age, before falling behind in his speech and language development. 

The seven-year-old was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum at the age of five, and began to receive support from speech and occupational therapists.

However, Sarah claims one of the major improvements in his behaviour is linked to altering his food intake, after discovering his intolerance to cow's milk.  

'It's a great feeling to watch him look, act and feel "normal". It just lifted the haze and eased the struggle, making everything easier,' she said.

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