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Aide of Billionaire Dem Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Offered Money For Endorsements

•, by Bongino Staff

Steyer has already begun distancing himself from Murphy to stop the bleed. His campaign press secretary Alberto Lammers, said Murphy was not authorized to make the offers and that "the campaign leadership outside of Iowa was unaware that he was doing so until the issue was raised by The Associated Press."

"Our campaign policy is clear that we will not engage in this kind of activity, and anyone who does is not speaking for the campaign or does not know our policy" said Lammers. These revelations align with common criticism that Steyer, who is a billionaire hedge fund manager, is trying to buy his way to the presidency. Murphy says there was "miscommunication" in his discussions with local politicians. However, according to the accounts of the lawmakers that seems unlikely.

State Representative Karin Derry said "it was presented more as, he has provided financial support to other downballot candidates who've endorsed him, and could do the same for you."