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The Case for Open Immigration

• by Jacob G. Hornberger

America's system of immigration controls is based on the concept of central planning, which is a core feature of socialism, which, as anyone from North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela will attest, always produces crises. Government officials centrally plan the movements of millions of people, mostly in a complex international labor market. The government's plans involve allocations of immigrants that will be allowed entry from certain countries and designate the qualifications and types of skills they are required to possess for entry into the United States.

It cannot be done. Even if the government put the top 100 immigration experts into a room that contained the 10 most powerful computers in the world and came up with what the mainstream media call a "comprehensive immigration-reform plan," it would not work. There is a simple reason for that: Central planning is an inherently defective system, one that is incapable of working and that produces crises, or what the economist Ludwig von Mises called "planned chaos," a term that perfectly describes the immigration situation in the United States for the past 90 years.