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Greta Thunberg vs. Boyan Slat

•, by Alex R. Knight III

As emotionally-charged phenomenons are often wont to do, this one went viral globally, prompting all kinds of school walk-outs around the world in order to "raise awareness" about and to protest so-called "climate-change." Thunberg then went on to give a number of speeches and lead protests throughout Europe, garnering a lot of enthusiastic establishment press coverage. A year after she started gaining attention, Thunberg then boarded a 60 foot racing yacht and, with the assistance of a full crew, sailed from Plymouth, UK, to New York in what was touted as a 15-day "carbon neutral" voyage – replete with solar panels and underwater turbines – in order to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit held in late September. (It was, incidentally, never widely reported that several more crew members were flown via jet aircraft to New York, in order to sail the vessel back to Europe.)