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On the Ground in Hong Kong

•, By Jeff Thomas

And these are not small demonstrations. A crowd of up to two million has gathered on at least one occasion. Although they began in the thoroughfare that divides the Admiralty from the government offices, they've spread east and west for a mile or more along the thoroughfares of Connaught Street, Harcourt Street and Gloucester Road.

Further, the demonstrations have occurred consistently, each weekend for several months, ensuring that the media have fodder each week for yet another update.

Normally, worldwide, demonstrations are a one-off, or at best, they begin with a major demonstration, then any repeat demonstrations slowly deteriorate to a trickle. But the Hong Kong demonstrations are a major event every weekend. Hundreds of thousands of protestors participate. All of them need to be bused in and kept fed. They need thousands of portable toilet facilities and medical stations. And someone, somewhere, must pay the enormous weekly bill to ensure that it's all possible.

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