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Dr Walter E Block. Can you be an Anarchist and support Trump? Who he supports for 2020

• WAM - Tim Picciott - Walter Block


Preview: 0:00

Setting the Stage: 1:15

Dr Block Comes on: 4:30

Anarchist for Trump 5:44

On Tulsi Gabbard / Bernie 9:22

Exact Moment Tim went for Trump 19:22

Tim's problems with Trump 23:55

Tariffs and Trade 38:50

On Gold Standard 43:57

Defending the undefendable 47:08

Will Trump Win Again? 54:56

On Mike Pence 57:42

On todays Show Tim Picciott CFP(R) CRPC(R) interviews the legend Walter Block. Some of the topics we get into are:

How you can be an anarchist and Trump Supporter and by the way these are all time stamped below.

Dr Block's Take on Bernie Sanders whom he used to run track with and Tulsi Gabbard The exact moment that caused me to leave the libertarian party and to subsequently rejoin it.

Get into some of the problems I have with Trump

Tariffs, Trade deals, gold standard, defending the undefendable

And of course who Dr Block is supporting in 2020 Dr Block's claim that Mike Pence would do better than Trump in a general election and You'll see Dr Block get a little upset when I suggested I was a minarchist that became an anarchist and I felt that he was an archist that became a minarchist. You'll see his reaction to that

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