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Editor Of China's Global Times Taunts US Farmers:

•, by Tyler Durden

China's most influential twitter troll is on a rampage today.

Following his earlier threat that "China wants a deal but is prepared for the worst-case scenario, a prolonged trade war", uttered shortly after the Senate vote to support Hong Kong protesters and Trump's warning that the US could raise tariffs further if there is no deal (something we hinted at yesterday)...

... the editor in chief is out with a new taunt, this time addressing US farmers with a "friendly reminder" not to "rush to buy more land or get bigger tractors. Wait until a China-US trade deal is truly signed and still valid six months after. It's safer by then."

His advice is probably wise, especially since it was China and not the US that reneged on a trade deal when it was almost completed back in May, and it will be China again that refuses to comply with any trade deal that forces it to reverse on its entire economic model predicated on "borrowing" and reverse-engineering US technology, especially if there is some credible enforcement component attached to the deal.