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"Live And Let Live" Applied To Guns

•, By Marc J. Victor

You were born at the best time, so far, to be alive.  You are also likely to have been born in one of the best places on the planet.  Like me, you are spectacularly lucky.  Considering our circumstances, most of which we had very little or nothing to do with, we are indeed hugely fortunate.  I urge you to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect on this observation for a moment before you read on.

Let's Not Fight the Facts

There are many things I wish were different about the world.  I'd love to live in a world where all adults were competent and peaceful.  I don't worship guns, nor do I demonize them.  I'd be happy to live in a utopian world where nobody owned guns for self-defense reasons because it was unnecessary.  As we know, such a world is pure fantasy.