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Corruption-Ridden UAW President Gary Jones Resigns After Union Moves...

•, by Tyler Durden

Just weeks after the UAW struck a deal with General Motors, ending one of the longest labor strikes in history, the union's corrpution-ridden President, Gary Jones, is on his way out. 

Recall, it was only just yesterday that General Motors sued Fiat Chrysler, alleging that the auto manufacturer had engaged in bribery with top UAW officials in order to get better terms during labor negotiations.  

On Wednesday, the UAW took the first steps necessary to remove Jones and expel him from the union, according to CNN BusinessJones then promptly resigned, according to NPR

Jones had been on leave since the beginning of November as a result of on ongoing scandal involving misuse of union funds and bribery. 10 people have so far plead guilty to federal criminal charges surrounding the scandal - most of them are former union officials. 

Jones is not facing criminal charges, the report notes, and was identified as "UAW official A" in the indictment of another union official. Jones' total annual compensation is $260,243. The next step for Jones would have been undergoing a union trial, which would have considered the charges against him. It's unclear whether such a trial will take place now that Jones has resigned.  

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