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Funding for the Clinton Foundation Has Dried Up Along with Its Influence, Indicating that Hillary

• Need-to-Know - G. Edward Griffin

The Clinton Foundation collected massive donations from around the world and it was one of the largest charities ever, yet three years later, its revenue stream has collapsed. Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, says that the funding for the Clinton Foundation has dried up because Hillary lost the election and the Clintons no longer have influence to sell, which is the primary evidence for what the Clinton Foundation was really all about. The Clinton Foundation's own internal review revealed that high-dollar donors had high expectations of quid pro quo political favors.

On Wednesday's broadcast of Fox News Channel's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer said the Clinton Foundation was experiencing a sharp drop in donations for the third year following Hillary Clinton's defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

Schweizer said, "This the past year, the Clinton Foundation literally raised 10% of what it did in 2009, the first year that Hillary was secretary of state, and the international numbers were even worse. They had all this money flowing in when Hillary was the chief diplomat of the United States. Curiously in light of the testimony, the number one country for giving money to the Clinton Foundation was not Great Britain. It was not France. It was not Japan, it was Ukraine. All that money has now dried up, literally. The Clinton Foundation has had a hard time raising money because they don't have the influence to sell. They don't have power access to sell, and that, I think, is the primary evidence for what the Clinton enterprise was all about."

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